Curated Spanish Grammar Review Resources

The following list of links and videos comprises a group of resources curated and vetted by Dr. Lauren Reynolds and her students. If you have questions or encounter a broken link, please let her know!

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Verbal Moods

This is such a fabulous moment to be learning, practicing, or developing your Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese skills! As my students well know, my grandmother learned English by reading Charles Dickens’s writings (which happened to inspire my M.A. thesis!). Because of my family’s experiences, I know that you can learn or improve your language skills outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Don’t get me wrong, I think classrooms still provide the best option for a lot of people but if you’re looking for practice or don’t have the time for a full course here are a lot of useful links that I am always suggesting to my students at all levels.  I’m putting the quick links below but I will also be providing reviews on the appropriate websites too!