Speaking and Pronunciation

My students at pretty much every level have told me consistently that they understand more than they can speak. In my class, I really try to highlight conversational skills through questions of the day and discussion projects. I love coming up with fun questions to practice at all levels. 

Dr. Reynolds’ Practice Questions 

Conversation Partners

  • Conversation tutors: If you’re interested in hiring a conversation tutor, please contact me and I can help you find someone. If you are training for the ACTFL-OPIC or any kind of conversational assessment, I am available to hire for consultations on such cases as well. 
  • italki.com: I love italki.com and its three-tiered system. If you’re looking for a free practice situation you can have tandem conversations with people from all over the world or from a specific country. If I’m traveling to somewhere where I don’t know the slang too well, I try to find a conversation buddy from that country. The paid classes are helpful as well!